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Eating in the Cone

Dexter was a beloved 83 pound English Bulldog that could hold three tennis balls in his mouth and give a big tennis ball grin.

After eye surgery, Dexter was prescribed an E-collar to wear for 3 months as his eye healed. As we all know, a bulldog with an e-collar equals total chaos in your home and a very challenging task to feed and water the big guy.

After a week of having to hand feed Dexter by holding the food and water dish at the proper angle to allow him to eat, an idea was formed that there must be a better way to keep Dexter happy and our house in one piece.

The idea of a securely mounted feeding dish was born. The challenge was to make a bowl secure enough for a bulldog to push on but also easily removeable for cleaning. After several prototypes and discussions with a veterinarian, the design for Kennel-Gear’s Elevated Pet Bowl was born.

Why the need for a customizable elevated food bowl? For pets, eating and drinking while wearing an E-collar is a significant challenge.

Whether it’s an injury, surgery, fleas or a virus, the E-collar is often part of a pet’s reality. Pets hate wearing the E-collar but without it healing takes longer. And pet owners must manage their unhappy pet during the healing process.

Awkward doesn’t begin to describe the situation pets and their owners face when it comes to eating and drinking while wearing an E-collar. After several battles, taking the collar off while eating and drinking is probably the most common solution.

Taking the E-collar off isn’t a good idea, however. Pets can destroy stitches and incisions in a matter of seconds. Also, pet owners have good intentions but often forget to put the collar back on. Taking the E-collar off often just creates new problems.

Kennel Gear’s Elevated Pet Bowl is the best solution feeding and watering pets wearing an E-collar.

Using Kennel Gear’s unique surface mount, the bowl can be placed at any height and attached to most surfaces. Walls, cabinets, fences, posts and crates can all be used with the Elevated Pet Bowl.

Elevating the pet bowl to the right height allows the pet to have easy access to the bowl of food or water even with the E-collar on.

The risk of gulping and taking in air is lessened. Eating and drinking is easy and comfortable for the pet.

Kennel Gear’s solution is superior to bowls on a stand or table. The height of the bowl can be set at whatever height is best for the pet and convenient for the owner.

The bowl design broke the mold of dangerous rings or mounting systems that leave dangerous brackets hanging from the wall that can harm the animal. The design solved all the issues that veterinarians and boarding facilities have been dealing with for years, rings that can harm the animals and mounting systems that leave sharp protruding pieces of plastic or steel in the kennel with the animal.

Kennel-Gear, the securely mounted feeding system which leaves no harmful brackets in with the animal and provides a simple easily removeable bowl or pail for the safe feeding of your pet.

If a pet must stay in the clinic, the Elevated Pet Bowl is ideal for the medical setting as well. The bowl is USA FDA Food Grade ABS Polypropylene. Polypropylene containers do not leach harmful chemicals into foods or liquids. The plastic does not break and create sharp edges. The bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Both plastic bowls and stainless steel bowls can be autoclaved.