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The E-Collar Feeding Solution

The Elevated Pet Bowl is the feeding solution for the E-collar! A pet can eat and drink comfortably without the cone getting in the way!

Bowl Demo

As a Veterinarian, you’re already providing e-collars to your customers. Go the next step and sell the Elevated Pet Bowl from Kennel Gear. Make the e-collar experience the best it can be for your customers. 

The Elevated Pet Bowl and E-collars

  • The bowl can be placed at shoulder height for any dog.
  • Your pet’s head is elevated with the snout having easy access to the bowl even with the e-collar on.
  • Your pet doesn’t have to fight the e-collar to reach the food or water in the bowl.
  • The risk of gulping and taking in air is lessened.
  • The risk of bloating is lessened.
  • The bowl is USA FDA Food Grade ABS Polypropylene. Polypropylene containers do not leach harmful chemicals into foods or liquids. The plastic does not break and create sharp edges.
  • The bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. both plastic bowls and stainless steel bowls can be autoclaved.


How It Works

1. Attach

All systems easily attach to many
surface types. Attach a bowl
to a kennel, crate, chain link
fence or walls

2. Latch

All Kennel-Gear items are universal!
Insert your kennel-gear bowl into
the surface mount & easily
remove with the paw proof lever.

3. Fill

Once your Kennel-Gear item is
securely attached, simply fill and
let your pet enjoy their safe and
convenient eating environment.

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