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Make your job easier and provide the
best service with Kennel-Gear

Kennel-Gear Solution for Pet Groomers

Kennel-Gear provides innovative products to help create and maintain an efficient grooming environment. Our products help groomers stay organized and safe.

We understand that the impact of work efficiency has a direct relationship to how well one organizes their tools, grooming supplies are kept readily available and away from pets to prevent any harm. Additionally, Kennel-Gear Products are dishwasher safe making them easy to clean.


Attach the bowl at any
height for all sizes


Food and water stays in the bowl and not on the floor


Easy attachment on a variety of surfaces


Works for any dog, any size


How It Works

1. Attach

All systems easily attach to many
surface types. Attach a bowl
to a kennel, crate, chain link
fence or walls

2. Latch

All Kennel-Gear items are universal!
Insert your kennel-gear bowl into
the surface mount & easily
remove with the paw proof lever.

3. Fill

Once your Kennel-Gear item is
securely attached, simply fill and
let your pet enjoy their safe and
convenient eating environment.