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From the desk of Mark Jensen, Kennel Gear

Read about Kennel Gear’s Elevated Pet Bowl and the E-collar. The E-collar is the reason Eric Moran invented the Elevated Pet Bowl to begin with. We’re raising the bar on the benefits of elevated pet bowls.

Eating while wearing an E=collar is a challenge

Feeding a pet wearing an e-collar is always a challenge and the Elevated Pet Bowl is a good solution. Here’s a few articles providing more advice and recommendations:

Can a Dog Eat and Drink with a Cone Collar?

How Are Dogs Supposed to Eat While Wearing Cones?

The Best Ways to Give Water to a Dog With an E-Cone

Kennel Gear always recommends pet owners consult their veterinarian about using an elevated pet bowl. Here’s a few articles about elevated feeders:

Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

Should I Be Using An Elevated Bowl To Feed My Dog?

Are Elevated Dog Bowls any Good…? (Pros & Cons)

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