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Easy-Attach Food Bowl System

Create the perfect eating environment for your dog.
Wherever you are.

Adjust to Any Height

Find the right height to suit your dog’s needs

Attach to a Variety of Surfaces

Attach a bowl to a kennel, crate, chain link fence or walls

Easy Set Up

Put the bowl in the latch and remove with a flip of the lever.

Always a Clean Eating Area

Easier to clean food bits and debris in your dog’s area.

Height-adjustable mounting
for dogs of all sizes.


Attach bowl to a variety of surfaces


Minimize food and water spilling


Quick and easy set up to feed your dog anywhere


Easy-attach Surface Mount System

The Kennel-Gear Bowl System comes with a universal latching system.  This option allows the user to attach the bowl to a variety of locations such as kennels, crates, chain link fences or a solid surface. Once the Kennel Bar Mount is attached in the desired location the bowl can easily be inserted into the mount.  All Kennel-Gear products are universal within the different mounting systems.

The Kennel-Gear Bowl Systems creates tremendous benefit for you and your dog:

  • Promotes fun healthy eating

  • Helps provides a clean eating environment

  • Helps prevent bloat, regurgitation and less stress on pet’s joints

  • Secure bowl helps prevents chewing and playing

  • Creates a cleaner bowl and healthier eating for your dog