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April 27, 2020

First of all, I would like to thank Brittany and the whole Control Dynamics (Kennel Gear) family for all of their countless hours helping to find a kennel water solution for K9 Thor. K9 Thor has loved being a R&D Specialist for Kennel Gear! Brittany has been nothing but amazing at troubleshooting issues K9 Thor was able to find with watering/food pails, buckets, and troughs. Brittany has taken these issues and improved the products in which they offer to the animal community. I also would like to thank, Eric, the owner of Control Dynamics for continuing to assist in the development of a product that even K9 Thor is unable to destroy!

Both K9 Thor and I are absolutely in love with the kennel mounting system which they have created. The quick release mechanism allows for easy removal of the water or food pail for cleaning. This application has been absolutely amazing at keeping K9 Thor’s water pail from being knocked over on hot days. Now R&D Specialist K9 Thor has definitely put Kennel Gear’s pails, buckets, and troughs through a very thorough and strenuous testing process. K9 Thor enjoys actively teething on his buckets and doing everything in his power to dump his water over. I will say that Kennel Gear has built an amazing product that can stand-up to everything K9 Thor was able to throw at it. K9 Thor was finally able to find a product that could stand up to his hours of R&D. The trough system has been able to hold up to everything K9 Thor has been able to do to it. No cracking or chipping or breaking. This product has, again, been an absolutely game changer for him. K9 Thor has been testing and destroying products for years. Kennel Gear has created the perfect watering system that K9 Thor was unable to destroy!

K9 Thor thanks Kennel Gear for all their love and giving him a fun R&D position for his spare time!