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Robert Cabral

"I love Kennel-Gear. It's all made in the United States. The quality of the product is unbelievable.
The product is great.  It's super useful for your dogs. It's one system that's going to work. I recommend it highly."

May 1st 2019

Thomas Snyder

I bought four of these dog bowls and have been using them since for my two Shepherds and they work perfectly; the craftsmanship of the product is undeniable and I am sure the longevity is far above any other dog bowl you may buy; I am in the process of purchasing two more two quart dog bowls with stainless steel mounting hardware for out in the pasture for our dogs; worth the money.

March 10th 2020

Karen Cress

Love the Kennel Gear system as it keeps our pets safe. When remove bowl to clean don't have to worry about pet getting legs caught in holder or getting poked in eye with the other style bowl holder that has open ends. Safety first for my babies.

30th January 2023

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