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The Ultimate
Feeding Solution


We are here to create products that provide your pet a clean, safe, and health inspired feeding solution no matter the location. Our goal when creating products for the Kennel-Gear line is sustainability, this requires us to use the highest grade of materials, processes, and a design that will withstand everyday use of pets for a long time. We manufacturer Kennel-Gear products in our own facility so that we can provide local employment opportunities, source materials from local vendors and keep a close eye on our quality.

People Philosophy

We live by a basic principle, The Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.

feeding solutions and products that give pet dogs clean, safe and healthy feeding

The Dog Who Created
Kennel Gear - Dexter’s Story


Dexter was our beloved English Bulldog, he was an 83 pound fun loving guy that could hold three tennis balls in his mouth and give a big tennis ball grin. He was with us for 14 years.

After eye surgery, Dexter was prescribed a cone or E-Collar to wear for 3 months as his eye healed. As we all know, a bulldog with an e-collar equals total chaos in your home and a very challenging task to feed and water the big guy.

After a week of having to hand feed Dexter by holding the food and water dish at the proper angle to allow him to eat, an idea was formed that there must be a better way to keep Dexter happy and our house in one piece.

The idea of a securely mounted feeding dish was born. The challenge was to make a bowl secure enough for a bulldog to push on but also easily removeable for cleaning. After several prototypes and discussions with our veterinarian, the design for Kennel-Gear was born.

The Kennel-Gear design broke the mold of dangerous rings or mounting systems that leave dangerous brackets hanging from the wall that can harm the animal. Our design solved all the issues that veterinarians and boarding facilities have been dealing with for years, rings that can harm the animals and mounting systems that leave sharp protruding pieces of plastic or steel in the kennel with the animal.

Kennel-Gear, the securely mounted feeding system which leaves no harmful brackets in with the animal and provides a simple easily removeable bowl or pail for the safe feeding of your pet.

dexter the dog inspired us to invent the elevated pet bowl

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