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Pet Boarding

Kennel-Gear helps create a more efficient, clean and safe environment for your facility,
staff, and clients.

Kennel-Gear Solution for Pet Boarding Houses

Kennel-Gear products help boarding services maintain a clean, safe, and pleasant environment for pets while in kennels and boarding areas. Kennel-Gear bowl systems are available for pets of all sizes.

The Kennel-Gear systems are tough, secured, and can be easily moved from one location to another. Height-adjustable mounting provides all pets with a perfect feeding height. The Kennel-Gear system improves efficiency by reducing food and water spills which cause unnecessary cleaning and feeding expenses.

With Kennel-Gear products boarders spend time caring for the pets instead of wasting their time cleaning.

Kennel Gear Supply Caddy

Perfect place to store all your mainly everyday tools, and not have to waste any time or attention from your client. Keeping everything in one spot leads to a more enjoyable and productive day.

Stackable to save space on storage!

Dish washer safe, auto-cleavable, for easy cleaning.

A dog in a pet boarder with our supply caddy
rows of pet dog bowls in a boarding house in a clean and safe feeding environment
pet bowls that easily stack together to save space
stainless steel pails system measurements diagram

Stainless Steel Pails System

OD: 8”, ID: 7.5”, Bottom Dia: 6.5”, Height: 7.25”

pet dog caddy dimensions diagram
360 degree rotating view of pet dog supply caddy

Kennel Gear’s Supply Caddies are designed to be compact for small storage.

The design of this product was to keep the groomers eyes on

their clients on the table and to keep all of their grooming supplies in a

safe accessible location that was within reach.

These are ideal for Groomers, Veterinarians, Boarding Facilities,

Rescues, and personal use.

How It Works

made in USA patented
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