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Kennel-Gear helps create a more efficient, clean and safe environment for your facility, staff, and clients.

Kennel-Gear Solution for Veterinarians

Kennel Gear’s IV Poles are designed specifically for veterinarian use. With the universal mounting option the IV Pole can quickly disconnect from a table mount at the surgical table and be transferred easily to a locking block on the recovery kennel.

The Vertical IV Poles height can be adjusted between 17 inches and 24 inches and are designed to mount to the front of a recovery kennel. The Horizontal IV Poles height can be adjusted between 11 inches to 21 inches and are designed to mount to the top of a single recovery kennel.

Being able to transfer the IV Pole with the animal helps prevent the mess of tubes and crossing lines when transferring the animal in surgical recovery.

Kennel Gear products align with veterinarians delivering high standard of care, contributing to pet wellness, and promoting a safe and clean environment for pets they treat.

The pet bowls are designed to go with the e-collar. The animal can eat with the e-collar in a more comfortable position, which also helps with bloating and regurgitation. Securely mounted systems help reduce the spilling of food and water helping maintain a clean environment, as well as keeping the food and water in the bowls and not on the floor.

The Sport Caddy for use in a Veterinary clinic provides a convenient and safe location to keep veterinary supplies and tools. It is also great for use in surgical or dental applications.

The Kennel-Gear product line will help your veterinary facility save money, run more efficiently, and provide a safe and secure environment for your patients and staff. All Kennel Gear products are easily adaptable to your current or new facility.

IV pole for vets quickly disconnects from table mount
transfer the IV pole with the animal after surgery
make it easier for vets so pets and dogs can feed with an e-collar

If an E-collar is needed, an Elevated Pet Bowl should be provided.

an elevated pet dog bowl and e-collar together for comfort

Elizabethan Collars (E-collars) are necessary but often prevent dogs from eating and drinking comfortably. The Elevated Pet Bowl solves the problem by elevating the bowl to shoulder height so the pet can comfortably access the food or water.

There’s no more fighting the e-collar to reach inside the bowl.

There’s less panic and gulping is lessened.

Contact Kennel-Gear at +1-425-405-2888 to discuss our E-Collar Relief Program.

We help veterinarians help their customers by providing a proven E-Collar solution.

How It Works

made in USA patented
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